Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finding West by June Gray Free Full Book Download

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Finding West by June Gray Description:

Kat Hollister is a tomboy who lives in t-shirts and dirty jeans and doesn’t give a shit what the world thinks. She lives alone in a small town in Alaska and closes everyone out, with only her dog Josie by her side. For Kat, love and relationships are for the weak, and she is anything but. 

Until one cold night when she finds a stranger stumbling on the side of a dark road, a man who has lost his memory.

She gives him temporary shelter against the snowstorm, but what she doesn’t count on is the friendship that blooms. This man—who has no identity—starts to teach her things about herself she never knew, and she begins to wonder if maybe she'd been wrong about love and trust all along.

Finding West is a 60,000 word erotic romance. For readers 18 and up.

About This Author:

I am a writer who likes to titillate and enrage, who revels in breaking the reader's heart and putting it back together again. I suck at writing author profiles and I am a loyal fan of Joss Whedon.

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