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Adam, Enough Said (This Can't Be Happening #3) Free Full Book Download

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Adam, Enough Said This Can't Be Happening #3 Description:

Our past was painful and a lot of mistakes were made, but that was then - this is now.
Mia wants a fight? I'll give her one.
She wants to leave me? I'll make her stay.
This is our future. She belongs to me.

Our past wasn't just painful, it was soul-shattering, and no amount of time will change that.
Adam wants a fight? Bring it.
He won't let me leave? I'll make him pay.
This is my future. I don't belong to him.

Follow Adam and Mia’s journey through the deliciously dysfunctional madness they like to call...marriage.

Author’s note: This is the third book in the This Can’t be Happening Series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Author’s warning: Mature content, lots of cussing (as in, A LOT), a five-foot-three, redheaded, terror of a woman and a sexy, possessive, crazy, hot alpha cop.

About This Author:

Let's see... I'm a rookie romance author, passionate book lover, drama enthusiast, trouble maker & hopeless romantic. I'm a wife, full-time mother of two handsome little boys and step-mother to a very beautiful pre-teen. I also work a full-time 9 to 5. Writing has been a wonderful escape for me and I never realized how much fun it would be until I got started.

Lexi, baby is my first novel and I can't believe I actually finished it! When I first put fingers to keyboard, I imagined the book as a very short story, but I just kept going and going and going. Now I have the next two books outlined and it's insane! I might even have a fourth, but I'm still undecided.

I really hope you have an opportuniy to check it out. 

The entire series will be fun, drama-filled, oh my gawd gasping, did that just happen asking. It will always include a very sexy alpha male and an equally sexy girl-next-door that may or may not know how to throw a punch.

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